Friday, September 02, 2005

underdog options

If you go to right now, there’s an immediate link to the Red Cross, but if you go that extra millimeter and actually Google the words “donate hurricane katrina relief,” you’ll discover that there are many excellent organizations seeking donations. The Red Cross is a safe bet, but I can’t help but think that it’s also good to support local aid agencies, which provide jobs to folks in Katrina’s path in addition to offering charitable services. Then again, maybe the local orgs are so devastated right now that money won’t even help. Then again, think about all the non-Red Cross charities that suffered after September 11 because everyone acted as if there was only one need in the world.

I frequently run into these sorts of dilemmas when trying to be a good citizen. But the main point is to do something, whether that’s heading down to New Orleans with a rowboat and a pair of rubber gloves or clicking on the Red Cross link or continuing your monthly donations to California arts groups because California still needs art. Personally, I donated to the Louisiana SPCA, because I literally root for the underdog. Network for Good has a ton of links for every denomination and species.


kat said...

FYI, Cheryl, Amoeba Records will match any contribution to Red Cross you make through their store.

We received a heart-rending update on friends in NOLA, some of whom are missing. Others had to leave their dogs behind when they evacuated and asked people to break into their apartments to get them out.

For what it's worth, the Audubon zoo and the aquarium in the quarter are pretty much ok--they were well-prepared had generators and extra food and water for animals and staff. They've had enough fuel to refuel outside emergency vehicles even.

Thanks for the nice words about the book....

Cheryl said...

I'm always glad to hear that animals are okay. I will keep my insubstantial fingers crossed for your friends.