Thursday, February 09, 2006

boogedy is in the eyeball of the beholder

I just changed the picture on my MySpace and Friendster pages (yeah, I use the same picture and text on both sites. I only have so much self-promoting wittiness in me). Stephanie had sent me a concerned email about the old one (left): “Your eyes look all boogedy.” I wasn’t sure what boogedy-ness was, exactly, but when I clicked on the pic and saw it close up, I decided that it must mean “kind of red and wrinkly and cracked out, and maybe slightly wall-eyed.”

But just as I was about to upload a new, less scary photo, I got a MySpace message from a young man in Virginia who insisted, among other things, “Your eye balls is the light of my day.”

I would never want to deprive anyone’s day of light, but I am starting to understand how movie stars feel: You dye your hair brunette for a role, and suddenly half your fans hate you, while others congratulate you for your newfound depth. It’s a hard life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my manicure. So which way should I go, adoring public: vixen red or pearly pink?


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, I think that you look so pretty in that picture! Very 1920's Dorothy Parker. Right on!
I'd go vixen, but that's just me.

Neil said...

I like the picture, too, especially that you're looking off screen. What is she looking at? Why is she acting so mysertious? Is the person she is looking at better than me? More interesting than me? Why is she making me so insecure? I could never talk to a girl like that, could I? Oh, screw her, I hate her.

Cheryl said...

That was the idea, to create an aura of mystery and love-hate-ness! And I generally take really terrible pictures, where I look drunk even if I'm sober. So of course I tried to pick one of my rare good shots for the internet...but alas, the result was boogedy-ness. Or at least semi-boogedy-ness.