Thursday, January 04, 2007

why draft two begins with a hip-hop class and a cup of hot chocolate

“Only from expansiveness, even laziness, of mind and body can emerge the most original and pure ideas, as well as the true rhythm of the novelist…. The broadened perspective of the deeply relaxed mode lends itself to one of the great pleasures of the form—its spaciousness, the room it provides to play. In the forgiving context of years, you can experiment, take risks, and fix any mistakes over as many drafts as it takes.”

--Patricia Chao, Poets & Writers Magazine


Claire said...

Hmm. I think indulging my "true rhythm" might mean it'd take 5 lives for me to finish one book.

Still, I like it. Makes me think of a snippet from a Sandra Cisneros poem I always liked, "...true nature rises when the body dances..."

Cheryl said...

Nice quote. There was one in her novel Caramelo that I liked too--something about corn husks falling from the sky--but clearly I don't really remember it.