Monday, December 17, 2007

on the move

Just stopping by to say I haven’t forgotten about my creative writing prompts. I got a great one from Meehan on Friday, based on my call for prompts (so meta! So Meehan!): “Because the webcam is strapped to my forehead, you can’t see what’s going on directly behind me.”

While that creates all sorts of possibilities for monstery-ness, this is Moving Week, and therefore, for the next seven days (and possibly longer depending how soon AT&T gets the internet hooked up at our new place), I will only be able to think about:

  • AT&T
  • cardboard boxes and people who might be able to hook me up with cardboard boxes
  • the patches that need to be touched up on our newly painted walls (which kick ass, if I do say so myself)
  • feline stepsibling introductions
  • U-Haul and how its website tries to sell you a bunch of crap that you don’t need, even more so than the average website
  • gifts I have not wrapped/purchased
  • the awesome coffee table AK and I found at the yard sale of this chick who practically had to clear a path among her bongs and incense sticks for us to get it out the door but promised it was good karma to buy her furniture

In other words, I’m not much use to y’all, unless you are really excited about my coffee table. I suggest you read this other post (scroll down to Dec. 16 since I don’t know how to find the permalinks on Tracy’s crazy site), which I guest-posted at Kaply, Inc. (especially all you MBI alumni—let me know just how much my memory has failed me).

Or log off and go see Juno, my favorite movie so far this year.


Don Cummings said...

A Gift for you:

Cheryl said...

How cool! I love the square snowmen. Thanks!

Bonnie said...

I read your story on the other site due to the note to MBI alumni. You have a much better memory than I do! I was in that play too but I must have been in the "more popular cast," because I remember having to fake faint for Max when he came out fake singing. I didn't have much of a role either but I remember enjoying dancing around wearing a poodle skirt (probably borrowed from you or Cathy?). I'm sure your dad has the whole thing on video. We'll have to get together & watch it. Oh the memories.

Cheryl said...

That's right! I forgot about you fainting! You got to do quite the dance number. I think I was jealous, which is what I spent most of my teenage years being.