Monday, March 03, 2008

upon driving by a billboard for horton hears a who!

CHERYL: So the premise of Horton Hears a Who! is that the Whos are really small, right? They live on like a grain of sand or something, and Horton the elephant is the only one who can hear them cry for help?

CATHY: I think so.

CHERYL: Then that means that the Grinch who threatened Whoville in How the Grinch Stole Christmas was also really small, which makes him less scary, don’t you think?

AK: Do we know that they were the same Whos? Maybe there are different sizes of Whos.

CHERYL: If they’re the same species, they can’t come in different sizes. There aren’t different sizes of humans--I mean, within a couple of feet.

AK: What about the Lilliputians?

CHERYL: They weren’t humans, they were Lilliputians. It’s like, there’s only one size of giraffe. There aren’t big giraffes and miniature giraffes.

CATHY: But there should be.

[Reverent pause as all consider the wonderful implications of miniature giraffes.]

CATHY: Okay, what about Tiny Elvis? There’s regular Elvis, and then there’s Tiny Elvis.

CHERYL: You make a good point.


Tracy Lynn said...

And there are regular horses and miniature horses, and the same with some dogs.

Although now I'm wondering about the Grinch's "mountain" hideout.

Cheryl said...

Mini dogs did occur to me, but I think humans may have bred them to be mini, so I'm not sure they count. The good news is this means we could breed mini giraffes.

Veronica said...

i think the whos are like, 'who' - like anonymous, multi-sized species. and yes, tiny giraffes would be sooooo awesome. and tiny elvises. then i could carry a giraffe in one pocket, and an elvis in the other. will you look into this for me, please?

Cheryl said...

Maybe on Craigslist. Any site that offers both used couches and anonymous sex must have some kind of info on miniature giraffes and Elvises.