Tuesday, November 22, 2011

how to make cheryl's semi-famous sweet potato pie

1. Buy overpriced ingredients at Whole Foods because it is the closest grocery store to your therapist's office.

2. Read about some MTV exec's wardrobe in Elle while sweet potatoes boil. Wonder why Isabel Marant makes sneaker wedges in which the wedge is hidden, so that the wearer looks like a strangely tall, awkward person who can't walk in sneakers.

3. Discover that your mixer is missing one if its little whisk attachment thingies.

4. Discover, triumphantly, that it is possible to mix ingredients with only one whisk attachment thingy. Imagine that this is how that one-armed drummer in Def Leppard must feel.

5. Pour batter into ready-made organic whole wheat pie crusts (thank you, Whole Foods!).

6. Spill batter down inside of oven door.

7. Learn that you really can't clean an oven while it's on. Wonder if Sylvia Plath wasn't so much despairing as trying to tidy up her kitchen.

8. Pour batter remaining in bowl directly into your mouth.

9. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


Claire said...

Mmm, pie.

Of course, now I'm missing Whole Foods. Closest one to me is an hour away. Kind of love the variety of foods you can slap onto a plate for dinner. Our brand spanking new grocery store has only pizza, overpriced deli sandwiches, and a couple Italian dishes.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, being forced to make a trip to Whole Foods is like being forced to go to Disneyland--you roll your eyes a little, but you love it.