Thursday, June 16, 2005

two questions

1. To blog or not to blog?
Until about 20 minutes ago, the answer was "not," but I was inspired by my co-worker Jamie and the easiness of I cannot program a VCR, but I can now blog. I don't know if this will be an interesting blog or even one that I encourage people to read, but I do like the idea of being all-in-one-place in cyberspace. And most of what I've published as a fiction writer has been in online journals, so I'm going to be doing some self-promotional linking.

2. Bread and bread--huh?
People talk about "bread and roses" and "bread and circuses"--as in sustenance and art/fun, the things human beings need. I decided that if I was ever a movie star with my own production company, I would call it Bread and Bread, because bread itself can be art/fun, and 'cause it's all meta and stuff. Or something. (What can I say, I went to CalArts). Also, I am anti-Atkins. But since I'm not a movie star, Bread and Bread is my brand new baby blog.

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