Wednesday, June 22, 2005

why I like lions better than humans

Humans do things like abuse prisoners, then get pissed off not at the abusers but at the senator who compared the abusers to Nazis. Humans are so reluctant to identify with the oppressor; it’s like we can do whatever we want right up to the Nazi line. We can be 99 percent Nazi, as long as we retain that one percent righteousness that allows us to proclaim how non-Nazi we are.

Humans (70 percent of ‘em in Ethiopia, apparently) do things like kidnap 12-year-old girls and force them into marriage. But there is hope, and it lies with lions. They do things like fight off kidnappers and protect 12-year-old girls until help arrives (

Yes, I know lions also do a lot of hunting and killing, but at least they own up to it. They’re like, “Hey, we’re lions. We gotta eat. But we’re not going to eat this 12-year-old human, because we’re not hungry, and she’s making this sad mewing noise that sounds like a lion cub, and we’re not into doing things just for the power trip of it.”

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