Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the king of cyberspace

Last night I had a dream about my blog. I have a history of boring dreams, but this wasn’t one of them. In my dream, I had learned how to steal the coding from other people’s blogs so that I could customize mine—add interesting background graphics, link to supplemental pages. The blog I decided to mimic had a sort of chick-lit vibe, and I was worried about its curly fonts, but I managed to make mine more stately.

What a bummer to visit my blog this morning and realize that it’s still the green-and-orange “Tic-Tac” template. Not that it’s a bad template, it’s just not the template of my dreams. My tech skills are no match for my imagination. I still don’t know how to upload a photo to my profile (help anyone?).

I think the dream was prompted by the episode of The King of Queens I watched last night. (That’s the sort of show people cite when they want to give an example of the most generic sitcom possible, but I actually think it’s pretty funny. One of the things I like about it is that Carrie is not just the longsuffering wife of a funny, troublemaking husband. She knows how to stoop plenty low herself.) Anyway, in the episode, Doug was trying to hide his secret email admirer from Carrie, so he slams his laptop shut and heads out the front door when she comes in the room. She says, “Why are you taking your laptop to the movies?” And he says, “Um, so I can write about it on my blog, okay?”

So you know blogs have hit the mainstream (as if my having one weren’t evidence enough). You hear a lot about how the internet has cut into not just reading time—from which people have always been fairly distractible—but even TV time. Maybe this is TV’s way of fighting back: You want internet? We’ll give you internet. Look, the characters spend 65 percent of this episode staring at a computer screen, and now you can stare at them staring.

Whatever, I’ve got to cut back.


Jamie said...

Cheryl--Add a photo as you normally would when you want to include a photo in a post. In the text box where you would type, the html for the photo will appear. Copy the url within the html and paste it into the url box for the profile photo. If this is confusing just ask me. I'm right across the wall:)

Cheryl said...

Thanks--you are a life-line for the technologically inept.