Friday, August 26, 2005

dreams can come true

Last night I dreamed I was checking my email. A while back, I dreamed I was filing my nails. The only thing sadder than having really boring dreams is blogging about them.

When I was a kid, I had a dream that I was being chased through a forest by some type of wolf-like creature. It was scary, but my dream-self thought, "This is just a dream. I can escape." So I climbed a tree and slid down the trunk. It turned into a firehouse-style pole and, presto, I was in a new and better dream where I was surrounded by other kids and fun toys.

Usually I dream my teeth are falling out. Let me know if you know what that symbolizes. I also dream about pets who've died--in my dreams, they're alive and I've just forgotten about them. But I'm already in therapy to deal with my guilt issues (among other things), so I don't think I need any feedback about that particular dream.

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Lee-Roy said...

I often had dreams of my teeth falling out when I was a kid. Also dreams of my jaw being locked into a painful position. These were mostly around the time that I had braces. My orthodontist once told me that if I didn't floss more often, my teeth would just fall out once they took the braces off. That may have started it. My guess is that they were anxiety dreams. Perhaps my subconcious telling me to take better care of my teeth. I have no idea what Freud or Jung would say.