Saturday, August 20, 2005


Do you believe in love at first sight? I have never tasted Krispy Kreme bread pudding, but now that I’ve seen the recipe (brown sugar! corn syrup! three dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!) I know that it’s my favorite food in the world. Falling for a recipe is not even like love at first sight, actually. It's more like falling in love after seeing someone's Friendster profile.

Still. This is why it’s important to read midwest-based blogs like Run Jen Run. It's all about cultural exchange. I have nothing against the desserts available on the west coast—mochi ice cream, Diddy Riese cookies—but come on: It’s bread pudding made from donuts. Comfort food meets comfort food. Cheryl meets type II diabetes.


Jenny said...

Hey - thanks for the link! But I must confess - my version of the recipe was a bit skewed. My friend Lily posted the link to the actual recipe in the comments section of that entry. Her version includes sweetened condensed milk - even better than brown sugar!

But be prepared - I truly have never eaten anything sweeter.

Cheryl said...

Good to know. I'll begin training by consuming lots of candy and Thai iced tea.