Thursday, August 11, 2005

how to tour the red states without leaving your chair

If you are a sheltered lefty like myself, you occasionally wonder, “Who are these ‘Republicans’ everyone keeps talking about? I mean, besides my dad, who I am determined to believe is really a social liberal crippled by the fact that he hates taxes as much as he hates paying extra for guacamole.”

Next time you ask yourself this, I suggest clicking “next blog” in the upper right-hand corner of this or any other blogspot blog. (This is my new favorite way to waste time. My old favorite way to waste time was to Google people I went to high school with, which gets old and ultimately makes me creepy. Clicking “next blog” offers all the voyeurism and a million times the variety.)

In addition to blogs featuring wedding photos and needlepoint projects, there are a lot of conservative rant blogs. I’m not talking about high profile wonks, just regular folks who post pictures of butterflies that their child drew one day and warn about the evils of Planned Parenthood the next. People (multiple people!) who highly doubt their own ability to enjoy sports without making fun of Indians.

In my informal survey of the blogiverse, I’ve discovered that Republicans do exist, and in disturbingly large numbers. I have also discovered that people, red and blue, do not use correct or even consistent punctuation.

After cyber-touring the red states, I was happy to land on the blog of a nice (if overly-reliant on emoticons) young man who had taken the time to jot down his favorite Rent lyrics in 20-point type, while complaining that his mom wanted him to clean his room. Now that’s what the Internet is all about.

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Jan said...

Well, I AM a regular folk (low profile), but I don't doubt my ability to enjoy sports with Indians, and my punctuation isn't THAT bad!