Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the cutest little tornadoes ever

When B and I broke up, I had a sense that I was leaving my big, messy life (or rather, it was leaving me) for a small, neat one. I’d often felt pulled in too many directions—trying to spend time with B while she was in town, trying to maintain friendships and trying to keep the carpet reasonably free of cat litter. When the carpet remained stubbornly crunchy, I consoled myself with the fact that this was what a life full of love was like.

So, when some of that love said see-ya-later, I consoled myself with the fact that I would now have ample time to vacuum and return emails. But last night a little piece of my big, messy life came to join me in my new home: OC (right) and Temecula moved in.

Yeah, I got cat custody as my consolation prize. But it’s a really, really good consolation prize. Even though I felt evil taking them away from Bari in their little carriers. Even though it took about ten minutes for them to knock over a picture frame and dust my new apartment with a patina of orange-and-calico-ish hair. But sometimes that’s what it takes to make a
Shabby Funk apartment a home.


Tracy Lynn said...

Man, I am so glad to se that you have roommates! Living alone with cats is an entirely different thing than living alone without.
I have two as well, and while I don't think of myself as one of those foo foo cat people, I like having someone to come home to.

Cheryl said...

While the distinction between foo foo and non-foo foo can be as little as a pink rhinestone collar vs. plain black, I'm proud to put myself in the plain black category too. (Okay, plain black with a reflective strip, 'cuz what if they escape into the night?) Cat roomies rock.

jenny said...

Wait... you can get your cats to wear collars? Man! Ever since my cats were kittens, if I tried putting collars on them they jumped around like bucking broncos, thrashing their heads back and forth.

Glad to hear you didn't have a nasty custody battle. I saw Kramer vs. Kramer and I know it can be rough... ;)

Jamie said...

I love the green chair, but those pillows are fantastic!

Cheryl said...

I just made an appointment to get the pillows/cats microchips too. I am the Big Brother of the cat world. B did get to keep the green chair. :-(