Monday, July 09, 2007

blog on FROG

Saturday night Meehan hosted what all involved hope will be the first of many FROG salons (that's Furnished Room Over Garage for the uninitiated). It's a simple and brilliant concept: invite your arty friends to perform at your awesome studio apartment (Captain's Quarters wet bar complete with gold-trimmed, clipper ship-adorned mirror is a plus, but not required), add booze, door prizes, poodle lights and guacamole. Repeat.

Some highlights:

Our hostess and her modest (or drunk) singer-songwriter friend Emily J. Wood.

Nicole and Mike read from their book The Bisexual's Guide to the Universe. Anything you need to know about bisexuals on Jupiter, just ask them.

I apparently laughed a lot at my own story.

Emily said, "Just in case playing acoustic folk music at a house party isn't gay enough, now I'm going to play a song with an alternative tuning arrangement." (Is that uber gay? I don't know enough about music to know.)

Oh, wait, this isn't a make-out party? Come on, I thought what happened in the Captain's Quarters stayed in the Captain's Quarters.


Claire said...

The folk music/alternative tuning comment made me laugh. Re: whether alt. tunings are gay or not, all I can say is this: back when I looked up some Ani Difranco guitar tabs, every one of them was in an alternative tuning. I couldn't find one of hers that wasn't.

Cheryl said...

That makes

Claire said...

Without more musicians for comparison, sure looks that way. ;)

ER said...

Nice biceps Cheryl. I'm jealous.

Cheryl said...

From lifting all those books. :-)