Thursday, July 12, 2007

if you give a fictional character an email address…

…he will almost definitely want a blog. And if you give him a blog, he will surely start blogging.

And so Evan made three posts to Don’t judge him too much. He was feeling grouchy and homesick. Normally he’s more philosophical and agreeable. And don’t get too excited, because he probably won’t be posting anything else—this is a short-lived project that serves mostly for his sister to discover him (but not too much about him) an ocean away.

But of course if my novel gets published someday, Evan may suddenly start blogging again and doing a little grassroots marketing. It was thoughtful of him to link to Bread and Bread.


Anonymous said...


This is completely off point, but I remember a posting you had about some of your favorite fiction (maybe it was last year, I tried searching the archives to no avail), but I was wondering if you knew when you posted it? I vaguely recall a theme of one of the books being how the dreams of parents have a negative impact on their children... There was something haunting about that notion that revisits me from time to time...yes, I'm a parent. At any rate, a couple of the titles sounded like interesting reads.

Thanks in advance.

A fan.

Cheryl said...

The post is
2006/11/not-that-anyone-asked.html (no space before 2006, but Blogger doesn't wrap urls). I think the book in question is Michael Cunningham's Flesh and Blood, which is a beautiful novel that I highly recommend.