Thursday, February 21, 2008

i’ve now used 6:54 of my 15 minutes

Hey kids, remember this story? It takes place entirely outdoors, so it seemed like a good choice to help launch my friend Bronwyn’s guerillareads series, in which emerging authors (for now that would be me and Bronwyn) read site-specific work with the help of a tiny workhorse of a video camera and Bronwyn’s very impressive DIY editing skills.

It occurs to me that some of you out there in Blogland have never seen me live-and-sort-of-in-person. If you thought I had a sexy, gravely voice or eyebrows that did not move at random like a crazy person’s, then what you’re about to see might disturb you.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the transportation-themed mural in the background:

Now check out Bronwyn and her normal eyebrows:


Claire said...

Vlog- yea! Had you not mentioned it, I doubt I would've noticed your eyebrows.

Enjoyed your story and your reactions to loud traffic.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for watching!

I like the word vlog. It reminds me of "vog," which a guy in my writing class used to refer to volcanic-ash smog in Hawaii. I'm not sure if he made it up or not.

Anonymous said...

Here's my plan to take over the world: Writers go out into the streets and do guerrilla readings. Bring along someone to record the reading - even if all you have is a cell phone camera. Post the video to YouTube (or other video host of your choice), and leave a message on the GuerrillaReads page so I can link to it.

Let's make the world and cyberspace just a little more literate, one video at a time.


Cheryl said...

B: Thanks for explaining the masterplan much better than I could have!

All you people out there in Blogland: Now go do what Bronwyn just said!