Thursday, February 14, 2008

yes we can look really cool in a fedora

I finally saw the Barack Obama “Yes We Can” music video today. It’s a pretty amazing specimen—a (sort of) grassroots political creation that has the look of being inspired by a Gap commercial that was inspired by a grassroots political creation.

I totally teared up as Jamie and I watched it in the office. When it was over, I told her, “I’m really inspired to vote for Barack Obama and believe in things that seem impossible and maybe buy a pair of jeans.”

Of course wherever inspiration goes, parody follows: (Thanks to Nicole for the link.)


Jamie said...

WOW. That response video is fantabulous. 12,008 baby!

thelastnoel said...

That was a fab video. Um, this is how out of it I am: I knew only one or two of those faces. I'm sure they're famous and all that--but who are they!

Cheryl said...

J: I'm glad McCain tells it like it is and all--I just want that not to be how it is. Now or in 12,008.

N: Well, I think one or two of them are famous and the rest are supporting characters on that show that spun off of Grey's Anatomy.