Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i'm just saying

You know that William Carlos Williams poem, “This Is Just To Say”? You probably read it in elementary or middle school, and may have been asked to write a riff on it. A couple of weekends ago, my organization sponsored a sort of mini retreat for people who lead writing workshops, and we got to write our own insincere apologies. Here’s mine, which AK did not find funny:

This is just to say
I cleaned up the plums
you left half-eaten
on the bedside table
purple crime scene
of stains beginning to set
hairy seed beckoning flies.
I know you
were still enjoying them
a momentary caesura
in sensual abandon
but if they were so delicious
you should have finished them
and washed the plate.

Here’s another, by real poet Craig Santos Perez:

Second Apology to the Lone Ethnographer

I have eaten
the preserved heads
that were in
the glassbox

and which
you were probably
for science

Forgive me
they were mysterious
so savage
and so alone


Sizzle said...

I love poetry. :-)

christine said...

Oh boy. I can see why AK did not laugh.
But it is a great poem - visceral, visual and full of wit.

Cheryl said...

S: And poetry loves you!

C: For the record, it was a totally hypothetical situation. :-)

Erica said...

My 2010 Halloween costume, in which my shirt reads:

I ate the baby
that was in the icebox
and which you were probably saving for breakfast

Forgive me. It was delicious and so cold.

From here, and yes, only an English Lit Professor completely got it without help.

Cheryl said...

Best Costume Ever. Best prop too. I might need to steal this for Halloween '11.