Friday, May 20, 2011

don't go swimming in the indian ocean; osama's head gone be poppin out the water

From now on, I'm going to get all my news from M.A.R., as she calls herself. This girl covers it all: international news, sports, weather and human interest stories. Including but not limited to such topics as:
  • where not to swim if you don't want to encounter Osama bin Laden's remains
  • just how hot it is in Cali, Hawthorne, Santa Clarita or wherever you wanna be
  • whether or not the cheerleaders know how to do their cheers
  • who needs to get laid
  • what mints to invest in if you're going to see your lady and you have stinky-ass breath

M.A.R. is also an investigative journalist, as demonstrated by her probing video "Girls:) Question," in which she polls females at her school about same-sex attraction. I would definitely brand her an advocacy journalist, however: There is a correct answer to this question, as Sandy "who's single but talking to someone" and other friends find out.

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