Thursday, August 24, 2006

this is a feminist act

Jenessa was in town last night, which meant theory of the queer, psychoanalytic and postmodern varieties, and gossip about what all our other high school friends are up to.

Happy that Heather had a fun birthday and sad that Amy and her boyfriend broke up, we moved onto feminism—or maybe we were talking about reality TV, I can’t remember—and I complained, “I hate it when women try to call breast implants a feminist act. Like, ‘I did it for me,’ as if that makes everything okay.”

Jenessa stuck out her belly and gave it a Buddha-like rub. “This is a feminist act.”

We agreed that T-shirts bearing this proclamation needed to be printed. They could sell in the back of Bitch, right next to ads for The Keeper. Did I mention we were in line at a bakery when we were having this discussion? I ate a feminist chocolate-dipped apricot shortly thereafter.


Speaking of queer theory—or rather queer fiction, which is actually really different from and sometimes even antithetical to queer theory—Blithe House Quarterly, the online magazine I co-edit, is seeking submissions for its Spring 2007 issue. If you’re a queer fiction writer, I hope you’ll read the guidelines and submit.


amyrottencore said...

Cheryl has big boobies.

thelastnoel said...

I'm trying my hardest to get rid of that little spare tire around my midsection. It's masculinist act. I read in Men's Health magazine that a belly opens men up for all sorts of health problems. I'm getting waaaay off subject but I miss getting into my 32 inch pants...just delete this post.

Cheryl said...

The only problem with all-natural feminist big boobies is that they usually come with an all-natural feminist belly. I miss my skinny jeans too.

amyrottencore said...

when we all get Type-2 Diabetes, let's party. I like to be prepared.