Friday, April 13, 2007

carnival of the mundane XXXII

A long time ago I saw a cartoon of a man walking down the street. A few feet behind him was a piano that had just crashed to the ground from some great height. The man’s thought bubble said, “Wow, another close call.” The caption said, Thursday the 12th.

Was it any wonder that I came home yesterday to find a giant tree toppled next to my apartment building, but not on top of anyone or anything but the sidewalk?

This Friday the 13th, Carnival of the Mundane presents Tales of Close Calls and All-Out Bad Luck. (But if you scroll down far enough, there’s always happy stuff too. None of us has blogged our suicide note yet, knock on cyber-wood.) Nevertheless:

Claire of Taller Than Average Tales is so unlucky that not only is sangria drawn, moth-to-flame-style, to her light-colored pants, but even her friends can’t get a break.

Nelumbo of Mommy Plays Bass discovers that the only thing more fun than a breast exam is going into labor while getting a breast exam.

Nance of Dept. of Nance learns that cows are the unluckiest beings of all—not only are they hamburgers-to-be, but now they’re media scapegoats (scapecows?) as well.

Marisa of Apartment 2024 has a suitor, but does he only love her for her money—namely, for the dollar she won’t give him?

And finally, on a purely joyous and lucky note, thanks to Mad Kane of Mad Kane’s Humor Blog for writing poetry about carbs.


Nance said...

What a cool theme, Cheryl. Nice job, and thanks for including me.

thelastnoel said...

Ooooooh, don't jinx it. The days not over yet.

Cheryl said...

Nance: Thanks for contributing!

Noel: It's true, the tree might still right itself, walking around to the other side of the building and crash through my living room window.