Wednesday, August 08, 2007

tut, tut, looks like civil war in iraq

One of the things I love about public radio is that you don’t have to have a radio-friendly voice to be a star on its airwaves. Long live David Sedaris! And the guy who does Middle East in Focus on KPFK, who sounds exactly like Winnie the Pooh.

But, in regards to the latter, I have to say it was really weird to hear sweet, innocent Pooh say, “Egypt has outlawed female genital mutilation” on my drive home today.


Matt said...

I love David Sedaris. When they have him on This American Life I always end up laughing those "I'm trying not to laugh because when you think about it it's not that funny" kind of laughs. Never noticed the Pooh. He just sounded like he was doing an exaggerated nasaly nerd bit to me.
Hear the one where Pooh spends some time with the coroner at the morgue? It was hilarious.

Cheryl said...

No, the Pooh guy is a different non-radio-friendly voice from David Sedaris. And David S. is much funnier than most of what's happening in the Middle East. Haven't heard the coroner report...I'll have to look it up.