Monday, April 07, 2008

hand on nose, drink in other hand, smile in heart

It was a good birthday. Seeing (almost) all my friends in one place always reminds me how much I like them. Like superheroes, they're even more impressive as a team.

Not to underestimate family. Cathy was there to remind me that the Kleins have lazy eyes in photos. Then, of course, she proceeded to look great, while I turned out like the Joker with Bell's palsy.

I took lazy eye picture after lazy eye picture. I was not even drunk when this photo was taken.

Amy tried to show me how to stare down the flash.

The martini shot: all hair, no eyes (plus a little Steven and Pedro in the background).

Me, myself and Meehan.

Jamie and Lee-Roy, looking sly.

Kimberly, Christine, Jody and one very funny joke that I didn't catch.

Afterward, we caught a ride home in JP's new-old truck. By now, the lazy eye could possibly have been blamed on alcohol.

Because it's from the '70s, the doors are heavy. Before slamming the passenger side door, JP commanded, "Hands on noses!" AK and I obeyed immediately. "We're rule followers," AK said.

But even rule followers sometimes have a few drinks and dress up the cat. Ferdinand was not amused, but we were like, "What are you going to do, Harry Potter? Cast a spell on us?"


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, you are so lucky that wasn't one of Los Gatos, because any one of them would have killed you in your sleep, just for the disrespect.

They are very big on respect.

Senor Ferdinand just looks bitter.

Cheryl said...

One of Ferdinand's hobbies is grabbing a mouthful of a sleeping person's hair and pulling--hard. So he may just be warming up for bigger things.

Veronica said...

why, 'hands on noses!'? and why didn't i get any pictures with you that night? i didn't leave THAT early!

Ms. Q said...

to not only make the blog, but to make the blog with (creepy) illustration...this is a great day in my life!
Also, are you sure Ferdinand isn't saying "that's right, I look FIERCE, bitches, you better show some respect!"

Cheryl said...

V: When I got home, I realized my picture log was sorely incomplete. I'm missing you, Nicole, Julie, Maria...yet somehow I have 75 pictures of my lazy-eyed self.

Ms. Q: You look fierce too, lady!

Laura and the family said...

Lazy Eyes run in the Klein's family? What about me? I belong in the Klein's clan, too???? winks.

Cheryl said...

By all means, join the lazy eye clan! All you have to do is half-close your eyes in every single picture.

Jamie said...

I'm in need of catching up on your brilliant blogging. Yellow truck picture wins points for extreme cuteness, along with Ferdinand as Harry Pooper Scooper.

Cheryl said...

I'm totally going to call him Harry Pooper Scooper when he's bad. (Note to AK: Not that he's ever bad.)