Tuesday, October 31, 2006

where's a duck bill when you need one?

Okay, so the scary clown has not yet begun to shoot blood from his eyeballs as I had hoped, but he is now tied—by the neck—to the lamppost with what looks like a periwinkle unitard. In the interest of better clown posture, I guess.

I’ll probably stop by that store today to see if I can find a cheap, minimal, last-minute costume. The other day AK described the following conversation with her coworker, and I could relate:

AK: I’m trying to come up with a cheap, minimal, last-minute Halloween costume.

Coworker: Alright, let’s think about what we have to work with. What do you have in the costume section of your closet?

AK: [Blank stare.]

Coworker: You know, your old clothes and stuff. What do you do with your old clothes?

AK: I give them away.

Coworker: [Shaking head.] Before you give anything away, you should always ask yourself, “Could I use this as part of a costume?”

This morning I checked the shelves above my closet to see if maybe I had a costume section I’d forgotten about. I distinctly remembered buying a duck bill, devil horns and orange plastic platform shoes in the past (the latter weren’t originally part of a costume, I’m afraid), but they were nowhere to be found. Curse my periodic attempts to pare down my life to just-the-necessities! This time, when I go next door and buy a new costume, I’ll make a mental note that giant lobster claws are absolutely a necessity.


Claire said...

"costume section" - love that. I think that's the only reason I keep this old shirt that I cut the sleeves short for. (I don't know, my arms got longer or something.) Several years ago, I threw on some cutoff shorts with that shirt and went as a castaway. People might expect more of an actual likeness to someone from Lost now though.

Cheryl said...

Good idea. And I do own cutoff shorts, but, well, they're still in the "I actually wear this to the beach" section of my closet.

Claire said...

It's ok for sections of your closet to multi-task, in fact, it's even preferable when for the costume section.