Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a thanksgiving message

Courtesy of J.P., Akbar craft captain and holiday philosopher:

Thank you for the very weird experience of a holiday that suffers from gross historical distortion, but still has the gleanings of a message that endures (the concept of gratitude and celebration of the harvest). Despite all the starvation, disease, nasty catty fights about real-estate, back-stabbing, maize, muskets, hats with buckles, pretty head-dresses, small pox, the Narragansets and the Puritans...we’re essentially thankful for mostly everything.

I guess. Whatever. Turkey.

I would say “tofurky,” but other than that, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Claire said...

Yup. Pretty much. I might've gone with "pumpkin pie" since I consider it more essential than turkey, but yeah.

Cheryl said...

People are always like, "Oh, how sad to be a vegetarian on Thanksgiving," and I'm like, "More room for pie."