Tuesday, November 21, 2006

this was partly a business trip, i swear

I’m at least 1,000 words behind in my blogging, so hopefully these pictures will tell the story of my past week. Three fun days of it were spent in San Francisco. Unfortunately I didn’t document lunch at Citizen Cake, where Erin (fresh from proving art and sports do mix at our work meeting) and AK bonded over their mutual love of Jenny Lewis, and Jamie and I devoured a dessert that literally looked like shit (think fudge logs sitting on top pumpkin skid marks) but tasted so good we were proud to claim our citizenry.

I’ll start with karaoke at the
Mint, where Jamie played air flute, Patricia channeled Dolly, AK rocked Axl Rose and I tried to do fan kicks to Fiona Apple. And a 70-something leather daddy sang a version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” that was so sweet I really could imagine all those things. All before 6 p.m., ladies and gentlemen.


erin said...

i'm so sad i missed seeing you guys! dessert that looks like shit sounds right up my alley! next time for sure (i know i keep saying that...).

Cheryl said...

We missed you too, but I hear you're a hardworkin' lady these days. Congrats on your fellowship!

Claire said...

I love The Mint! It's my favorite karaoke spot- not that I've done it a lot, but I felt comfortable there. LA is so full of actor/rockstar wannabe's that the crowds can be tough. I don't think I ever sang at one when I was in LA.

Cheryl said...

Amen, sista.