Monday, October 01, 2007

10/1: this community is brought to you by….

Sunday was a slower day at the festival, which freed me to do things like admire the pet rattlesnake being paraded around by his proud caretaker, who’d noticed that the snake had an image of Jesus on his head, and to develop an unnatural dislike of Dimetapp, which had a purple-bannered booth triple the size of any literary organization there.

“It’s just so corporate and evil,” I said, glaring across the aisle.

“What is, children’s health?” Jamie laughed.

Besides its loud purpleness and cheesy giveaways, it bugged me because it’s the equivalent of Absolut dominating the gay pride parade: a community event given over to niche marketing based on stereotypes. Latinos have lots of kids! Queers love to drink!

Though, honestly, now that I’m flying back after a lovely and exhausting trip, I could really use a vodka cranberry or even a shot of cough syrup.


jenny said...

but even more than absolut, don't you need this?

Cheryl said...

I do! I do! (Although I'm suspicious of any bread that calls itself low-carb, even if it's a wrist rest. Carbs are what fuel my good work at the keyboard.)