Monday, October 29, 2007


Halloween '07 started Wednesday at Akbar's weekly Craft Night. Nothing says "scary" like the combination of knives and alcohol.

Meehan and I are always lamenting our lack of craftiness ("I feel like I should be able to knit, or some type of hipster dyke handicraft"), but I think her metal mouth pumpkin turned out pretty well (though he did require some dental implants in the form of bar toothpicks).

Some folks were just there for the dancing.

But, much like when my UniCamp co-counselor and I ignored a child with the flu because we were so caught up in making paper plate masks during arts and crafts, I skipped the drinking and chatting and focused on my Dia-de-los-Muertos-meets-a-bunch-of-cotton-balls pumpkin. Too bad it rotted in less than three days. Goddamn global warming.

By Saturday, it was time to celebrate. I dressed (vaguely) as Weetzie Bat. You know, the titular character from the late '80s young adult novel about magical punk rockers living in the hills of L.A.? one else did either. AK went as a waitress from Fred 62. The party we went to (thrown by JP of Craft Night fame) drew a Los Feliz-y crowd, and I can't begin to tell you how many people walked up to her and said, "I'll have the Mac and Cheese Balls."

Too bad I listened to all of Dr. Drew's warnings about how ecstasy kills brain cells. Otherwise I would have been such a little raver in my day.

But JP's party delivered a natural high. Anyone who was anyone (or at least anyone who felt like dressing like anyone) was there. Like Frida and Andy.

And Harriet Nelson and her chick magnet friend (the chicks kept falling off Jody the magnet. We decided that while they were drawn to his undeniable charisma, they were not so monogamous).

A nice girl from Cincinnati showed up on the arm of Audrey Hepbee.

But the party really got started when Frankenstein arrived, standing an easy three feet above his adoring masses.

AK gave him a high five. Frank gave her a low five.

Thanks for coming! Mr. T pitties the fool who doesn't sample the weenies in a blanket.


jenny said...

awesome costumes, across the board! those franken-hands are ca-raaaazy! and as a proud Invisalign customer, i can totally appreciate the metal mouth pumpkin. :)

Ms. Q said...

wow! I know who Weetzie Bat is! I wish I'd been at THAT party...sigh.

Cheryl said...

J: Next year I'm going to carve a regular pumpkin and tell people it's a proud Invisalign customer.

Ms. Q: I wish you'd been there too! You could have come as another member of the Bat clan--Duck or Witchbaby or Cherokee or My Secret Agent Lover Man.

Meehan said...

Metal mouth rotted out in three days, too. Tooth decay, obvi.

Cheryl said...

It's hard to brush and floss when you have no hands.