Monday, October 31, 2005

some pictures

To go with my thousands and thousands of words. A disclaimer: These were taken with the 35mm point-and-shoot camera my parents bought me in fifth grade. Even then it was a hand-me-down from my friend Bonnie. It’s definitely feeling its age, but it’s a sturdy little thing, and it will have to do until B uploads the photos from her digital camera. For all you visual learners out there, my previous posts are now illustrated.

Here’s one of me trying the infamous durian in Singapore. Actually, I look like I’m getting high off it. It is a potent fruit.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I made it into another blog! I'm glad the camera is still working for you. I can't wait to see more pictures. I've enjoyed keeping up on your traveling adventures. Thanks for the postcard.

Cheryl said...

I figure that with a blog people can take breaks or skip over the parts about what I ate for breakfast on Oct. 14. So it's sort of like a how-I-spent-my-vacation slide show, but hopefully less torturous. Thanks for reading!