Friday, June 30, 2006

un-american activities

Last night the illegal fireworks began on my block. My cats hid under the bed; I expect that’s where they’ll be through the weekend.

Yesterday, I told Jamie, “I’m going to a baseball game with AK tomorrow. I warned her that I know nothing about baseball, but that I could probably get into the general experience of attending a game.”

“Oh, definitely,” said Jamie. “There’s fireworks and beer and peanuts and hot dogs.”

“Well, I like the way fireworks look. From a distance. I’m not so into the loud noise. And I’m a vegetarian, so the hot dogs are out. But beer and peanuts sound great.”

So as far as appreciating all-American things goes, I’m batting, what, a C minus?


Tracy Lynn said...

Well, depending on whether you are going to a minor or major league game, don't worry, there should be planty that you can eat. And being AT the game is exciting for everyone. I know this because my friend Ron, who says things like "The Sox? Is this some local sports franchise of which you speak?", actually went to a game with my brother and had a great time. Even though he wasn't even sure what sport it was.
So no matter how backward you feel, at least take consolation that you are WAY ahead of my friend Ron.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

You must eat a hot dog. It's not beef...I know you can eat cat and rat, right?

Anonymous said...

Do you want me to come down there an bitch-slap you now or later? Come to San Francisco. I'll show you baseball.
I hear baseball in LA is easy. You show up in the 4th inning and leave by the 7th. Let me know if it's true!

Cheryl said...

Um, some of our party may have indeed shown up late. And others may have left early. But no one showed up late and left early, for the record. Oh, and I went with the nachos. A good half-cup of cheezy-with-a-Z deliciousness.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to a baseball game in my life, and can't really say I have any desire to, so you're more of an American than I am. But I do like a good Chicago hot dog - it has so many vegetables on it that you won't even know you're eating cow parts!