Tuesday, October 16, 2007

golden girl

AK: What is it about Jenny Lewis that makes her so hot?

Me: Besides being a cute girl with an amazing voice?

AK: Yeah.

Me: She has that messy thing. Her hair’s kind of messy, like she just rolled out of bed.

AK: And she might just roll back in.

Pics from Sunday’s Rilo Kiley show at the Grove:


Prince Gomolvilas said...

If I were straight, I'd tap that.

Cheryl said...

If she were gay, so would I.

ER said...

I'd tap that any way I could.
She wore that same outfit at the SF show and much to the amazement of EG and our other friends, she did not adjust her skirt one time!
Thank you Cheryl and AK for indulging me with your pictures.

Cheryl said...

I kept wondering if she was wearing Dance Pants (ahh, takes me back to my cheerleading days) underneath.

Unknown said...

she has a cute nose. i think that's what does it.

Cheryl said...

In that case, my cat Temecula is TOTALLY an indie rockstar hottie too.