we’re here, we’re queer…does this mean they’ve finally gotten used to it?

Gay marriage is now legal in California: http://www.mercurynews.com/centralcoast/ci_9270265. I’m already going to two gay weddings this summer. It’s nice to know the cops won’t shut ‘em down.


Tracy Lynn said…
It's a good thing that I am legally able to perform marriages, because I think it may get busy!

That's right, you heard me. I am the Reverend Tracy Kaply.
Don Cummings said…
Bookended by CA and MA-- Now, we just fill it in.
Cheryl said…
C: It's about time we put down our avocados, got out of our convertibles and did something productive, right?

QU: Nice blog. Thanks for the link!

TL: You and Gavin Newsom--I heard he's volunteered to officiate as many gay weddings as he can. But I bet you'd do it with more flair.

DC: If super-Catholic Spain can do it, Idaho can do it.

J: Manufacturers of his-and-his cake toppers everywhere echo your sentiments.

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