Friday, August 27, 2010


I realized that my last, like, six blog posts have been about death. And the ones before that were about depression and anxiety and fighting with my family. When did I turn into a 15-year-old goth kid? Even though I probably blogged about that stuff in an upbeat way (“You present very cheerfully,” my therapist told me once), it may not be totally evident that now I actually am upbeat.

To counteract the death posts, some news from the other side of the circle of life*: Jamie and Lee-Roy’s healthy baby girl was born this morning at 10:25 a.m. That’s all the official news we** have so far, since they want to give their families the scoop on the name and birth details. But I was so excited when I saw Lee-Roy’s post that I actually gasped and put my hand over my mouth like an anime schoolgirl.

I like to think that Jamie and Lee-Roy’s little one will be a sorta niece—at least she’ll be the first of my friends’ kids who doesn’t need to be reintroduced to me every time we meet. (We may see Tai and Mei-Lin next month, and I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll pass the memory test. They’re old enough and we played a lot of games of Blokus with them. But I don’t want to get my hopes up.)

I’m already excited about crashing Jamie’s maternity leave and showing up with some mac ‘n’ cheese sometime in the next few weeks. Because nothing says “familial bonding” like your boss stopping by, right? Oh well, it comes with the territory of being an awesome person with an adorable new baby. She’ll just have to deal.

*Although if it’s a circle, I guess it doesn’t technically have sides. My sister is a math teacher, so I feel the need to address these things.

**Meaning the Facebook community.


Claire said...

Anime schoolgirl FTW! lol.

Congratulations to Jamie and Lee-Roy!

Also, since I have a math degree that I so rarely get to use, I feel compelled to point out that circles have two sides: inside and out. :)

Cheryl said...

Ha! I'm easily beaten when it comes to math-related cleverness.