Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Let's all go to the lobby! Let's all check our eeeeemail!
Last night I read with some fabulous gay men at a reading hosted by Artillery Magazine (“the only art magazine that’s fun to read”), which provided free wine for the hour before we took the mic. I have decided this is a key component of a successful reading. Those folks laaaaughed (in a good way) when I read from my Untitled YA Adoption Scam Novel.*

The reading was in the groovy Cactus Lounge at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood. When my dad arrived—and god bless my dad for unblinkingly attending readings where it’s not uncommon for someone to start his (really great) poem with the word “Semen”—we had this conversation:

Me: Did you have any trouble finding the place?

Dad: No, no. It’s kind of run-down, though. At first I thought it was abandoned.

Me: This is a really nice hotel. I could never afford to stay here. I mean, I don’t know if it’s at the top of the trendy hotel list anymore, but—

Dad: The lobby is dimly lit. That might be on purpose. But usually hotels want a well-lit lobby, to look welcoming.

Me: That’s on purpose.

Dad: And the sign outside is upside down, but I’m assuming that’s on purpose too.

Me: That’s on purpose.

Dad: It could really use a coat of paint.

Me: That’s a good point. Maybe it’s not in its heyday.

A few feet from us, in the hotel’s hair salon, a man with pink hair and spiked, clear plastic platform shoes shampooed a customer. In the giant human fish tank behind the reception desk, a model in pajamas checked her email. The last time I was at the Standard, a good ten years ago, they were still filling the tank with scantily clad models posing like statues. I decided I liked the new down-and-out vibe.

*It’s saved in my computer under “Adoption Scam Project.” Every time I see it there, I want to add some kind of note to the FBI (which is naturally keeping tabs on me because I’m very important) that says “This is a fictional story about someone involved in an adoption scam, NOT notes on a scam I am actually running.” I’m paranoid these days.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this reading - but I did enjoy Follies. I really had no idea what Follies was about, but it was super fun seeing older actresses rip up the stage! JJDay

Cheryl said...

We saw it a few days later. So good. So tragic/funny. Middle age is rough, man.