Monday, November 03, 2014

cheryl & kendra: the workplace sitcom

Kendra 11:01 AM
Alexa and I are on a kickoff conference call for our new peer to peer fundraising app/site
She's excited, I'm fearful...
Cheryl Klein 11:02 AM
Because she thinks big picture and you think details. 
Kendra 11:02 AM
And I'm very glass half empty
I do think outlook depends on experience more than most people acknowledge.
Cheryl Klein 11:03 AM
Just try to remember that your fear is usually worse than the thing itself, whatever the thing is.
Kendra 11:03 AM
Cheryl Klein 11:03 AM
I'm very "the glass is going to shatter into pieces that will slit my wrists and I'll bleed to death."
Kendra 11:03 AM
Yeah, I'm right there with you 
Cheryl Klein 11:04 AM
But I'm also very "but MAYBE the glass will bubble over with champagne and I'll never be sad again." Usually neither is true.
Kendra 11:04 AM
That never really crosses my mind
Cheryl Klein 11:05 AM
I'm TRYING to be like "Huh, look at this glass. It's shiny. There is water in it."
Kendra 11:05 AM
I'm very "there's the glass that's half empty that will spill and shatter and I'll probably have to clean it up."
"And have to count all the shattered pieces"
Cheryl Klein 11:06 AM
Lol. Yeah, I can see why.
I'm also very "Look at everyone else's nice champagne flutes, and my stupid glass of Tang. But I guess I'm selfish and I suck for not being grateful for my Tang because some people have a glass full of Ebola. WHY ARE THE PEOPLE WITH CHAMPAGNE JUDGING ME??"
I want to post this conversation on my blog. We are cracking me up.
Tang will give you hand-model hands.
Kendra 11:07 AM
You have my permission
Cheryl Klein 11:08 AM
Cheryl & Kendra: The Workplace Sitcom.
Kendra 11:08 AM
I learned that if you do video chats using Hangouts, you can add a laugh track
Cheryl Klein 11:09 AM
The only person I've ever used Hangouts with was Harmony The Possibly-Crazy Dallas Birthmom. It definitely turned into a dark comedy.

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