Friday, March 30, 2007

calling all women with a 10" bust

Great news, T-Mec watchers: The tumor was benign. A big, black, bumpy, two-inch, perfectly harmless tumor. The bad news, as far as Mec-Mec herself was concerned, was that she had to wear a little sweater to protect her stitches. It was actually more of a wife-beater—ribbed and sleeveless—and she looked like a bad-ass, in a cuddly sort of way.

I took a bunch of pictures, which quickly became historical artifacts. Girl figured out how to get her sweater off about 20 minutes after getting home from the vet last week.

Yesterday morning I took her in for a check-up, and told Dr. Marks (subbing for Dr. Wong, who’s out of town this week) that T-Mec has been wriggling out of her sweater.

“You could try to find a tighter T-shirt for her,” he said, looking me over. “You’re pretty big, but maybe if one of your girlfriends has one of those itty-bitty baby tees….”

I’m still not sure if he was calling me fat or telling me I had big tits, but either way, I can see why he works with animals rather than people. And I know men are notoriously confused by women’s clothing sizes, but I think it’s safe to say that even my skinniest, most flat-chested friends do not own T-shirts that would be tight on my cat.


Anonymous said...

OMG - i seriously just burst out laughing at my desk! first, at the image of your cat in a wife beater (hawt!) and then at the idea that you have friends who are about the size of a loaf of bread.

so glad to hear it was benign!

Cheryl said...

Kodo and Podo would look awesome in little matching wife-beaters. Just putting that out there.

Claire said...

Yea for good news!

And this totally made me laugh:
"I’m still not sure if he was calling me fat or telling me I had big tits..."

Anonymous said...

you mean like this: kodo

podo wouldn't let me come anywhere near her w/ this. :)

Cheryl said...

Kodo is adorable, and he looks like he'd cut me for saying so.