Tuesday, March 25, 2008

because it's march 25...

…and I sometimes like constraint-based writing assignments, here are 25 words each about the three books I’ve read most recently:

1. I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley:
Pros: funny, thoughtful in unexpected places—like a This American Life piece. Cons: too familiar, with occasionally forced conclusions—like a This American Life piece.

2. The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta:
Liberal health teacher Ruth and ex-druggie Christian Tim are complex grownups with believable pasts. Perotta aces middles but falls flat with endings (a minor crime).

3. Bloodvine by Aris Janigian:
This tale of farming and feuding in the Valley is a poetic portrait of Armenian America. But it’s a first novel, so prepare for unevenness.


Tracy Lynn said...

That last one was a little alliterative,yes? :-)

Laura and the family said...

The Abstinence Teacher sounds so good to read.

Since I know you are avid reader, just like my older son, I started to read a book called, " Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. If so, what do you think of her book ?

Frankly, I am a half way of finishing her first book even though I know she has written two other books. The fourth one is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Totally agree about Sloane Crosley's I Was Told There'd Be Cake. I'm half way through it now and must say -- it's hilarious -- but very This American Life-y. Not always a bad thing at all, though! I think she has an increadible voice. -Dean

Cheryl said...

T: I know, I couldn't control my cacophonous keyboard.

L: I haven't read it, but I'll look it up.

D: Yeah, in spite of my mild skepticism (which probably comes from the fact that she's two years younger than me more than from any legitimate literary complaint), I plowed through the book and enjoyed every minute of it.

Tracy Lynn said...

Heh, you said cacophonous. :-)