Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pregnant women are smug and you were a teenage loser

Although AK and I did couple-ish Valentine stuff on Friday, we spent V-Day proper with our sisters (‘cause we love them too) at Mortified. After hearing people read their diary accounts of teen romance, we concluded: Whether you were a virgin or a whore, a hot cheerleader or a closeted gay boy, the dumper or the dumpee—you were lame. Few thoughts are more comforting.

We also dug the opening musical act, Garfunkel & Oates, whose song “Pregnant Women are Smug”* I’m posting here for your enjoyment:

*Of course, none of the pregnant and recently pregnant women I know are smug. Seriously! My friends are a well-mannered bunch who ask about my book tour even while in the act of nursing a little one. But I do think that as a group—much like roving mall-packs of teenagers and gays at pride parades—pregnant women can be crazier than the sum of their parts. In all cases, it’s probably fair to blame hormones.


Robin said...

I love this post. Full Disclosure: I'm not pregnant. Happy Valentines Day, you two.

Chef Katie said...

I also love this post- and as a semi-recently pregnant woman, yes- we are crazy. every last one of us. it's just a matter of which kind of crazy you happened upon.

Sizzle said...

I love Garfunkel and Oates. They crack me up! "to the douche to the douche to the motherfuckin' douche, I thought this was a really cool party now it's just a bunch of ed hardy. . ." HA

Cheryl said...

R: But I suspect you've been around one or two pregnant ladies. :-)

CK: I get that anything that takes over your life for a while--whether it's a kid or a PhD or the Peace Corps--is going to make you a little insufferable to outsiders. But those are the same things that will eventually make us interesting, well-rounded people, right? As long as we all come up for air eventually?

S: Yeah, they performed that one too. Fantastic!

Claire said...

Now that was a much more entertaining video than the fear inducing terror of chairlifts you left on my blog. ;)

Author, tv writer, etc. Pamie transcribed a bunch of her teen letters recently you might enjoy. I think they start here.

Cheryl said...

Wow, Pamie is totally Mortified material. I have a special soft spot for young writers with big pretensions.