Friday, October 25, 2013

blog as you are: kristi nakamura johnson

When Kristi Nakamura Johnson and I were college roommates, we shared a love of gay men and musicals. Then she started dating straight guys, and I went on to see Rent fourteen more times. But no matter the different paths our lives take, I'll always adore Kristi, who now lives in Sacramento, because she's one of the sweetest, most open-minded people I know. She also knows how to make a back-up Halloween costume in a pinch.

Kristi and her biker girl.

8am - Made C a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Nursed L while drinking coffee, eating a granola bar and checking email and Facebook.

9am - Transformed C and L into Peter Rabbit and Snow White for a Halloween party at the park.

10am - Changed a crying Peter Rabbit into a Train Engineer after his rabbit pants had a potty accident. Had my husband call the pediatrician after noticing Snow White's ear draining while she nursed.

The original Peter avoided potty accidents by not wearing pants.
11am - Helped an excited Train Engineer and grumpy Snow White trick or treat with their friends out of the trunks of Moms' cars at the park.

Noon - Got home from the park. Put a sleeping Snow White in her room, still in her car seat. Told C he couldn't eat candy for lunch.

I'm not seeing anything wrong with C's plan.
1pm - Nursed L while drinking more coffee and checking email and Facebook.

2pm - Wished I could be napping like C. Played with hats, capes, balls and books with L instead.

3pm - Took L to the doctor. Found out she has a double ear infection. Felt like a bad Mom for not bringing her in last week.

4pm - Pushed a sleeping L around Safeway while waiting for her antibiotics at the pharmacy. Bought avocados and chocolate croissants.

5pm - Was thankful. My husband took care of dinner. C mostly entertained himself after his nap so his Dad could keep working. L felt good enough to eat some real food instead of just nursing.

6pm - Did dishes and helped C with his homework. Had more coffee.

7pm - Took a shower and started some laundry while the kids played with their Dad.

Convenient and tidy child storage.
8pm - Gave C good night hugs and kisses.

9pm - Gave L her first dose of antibiotics. Nursed her to sleep. Put drops in her ear.

10pm - Ate 2nd dinner to sustain middle of the night nursing for L. Checked Facebook and email. Talked to my hubby without interruption.

11pm - Cut out letters for a 1st birthday banner. Wondered how my baby could already be turning 1.

Midnight - Checked on both sleeping kids. Kissed hubby good night. Set alarm for 7am.

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