Tuesday, October 22, 2013

blog as you are: terry wolverton

The early bird--and you will see Terry is one--gets the first Blog As You Are Project post! Here is how my fabulous mentor spent Monday, October 21, 2013 in Los Angeles.

Terry and her exuberant hair.
6 am- I email my mom, who lives in Detroit, every day. After checking other email, I do my meditations.

7 am- Green shake for breakfast, make one for Yvonne too. Then drive like hell to get to South Pasadena.

8 am- Water aerobics at the South Pasadena Y.

9 am- Shower, dress, drive to downtown L.A. Check email at red lights.

10 am - Meet with Michael Garces about EMBERS opera. When will the universe provide an opening for this to be produced?

11 am- Drive home--through arts district, little tokyo, past grand park, through chinatown--wishing I actually had time to stop and wander through my city. At the State Park a circus is being taken down; red and white stripe tent tops swirled like peppermint candies collapsing to the dirt.

How the tent went up. Maybe.
12 noon- Lunch. Finish this week's poem for the dis•articulations blog.

1 pm- Catch up on email.  Phone meeting with client.

2 pm- Client meeting unexpectedly ends early, leaving me time for an unplanned submission to Trailer Park Quarterly (I hope I won't be sorry) and to plan a publication party for my girl's chapbook.

3 pm- Promo for Writers At Work reading at LitCrawl, and an impromptu rehearsal of what I plan to read. I hope people come to hear us; we reading at the same time as all these other people.

4 pm- I have projects I should be working on, but I don't want to, so instead I text my girlfriend, do the lunch dishes and pay bills online. My walking buddy bailed on me today, so I feel a little adrift.

5 pm- Promo for my girlfriend's book.  It's getting dark so early now; makes me feel a little melancholy.

6 pm- After much time wasting--Facebook, eating a container of cherry vanilla yogurt, play a few hands of computer solitaire, texting girlfriend, etc--finally settling in to read a former student's manuscript.

7 pm- Already weeping at the beauty of my former student's writing.

8 pm- Scrambled eggs with spinach for dinner. Clean up. A little bit more of the manuscript before I call it a day.

9 pm- Talking to my girlfriend about our days; about the school shooting in Sparks, NV; about seafood being fed pig feces; about what size she should print her photographs; and about whom to invite to her publication party.

10 pm- Taking herbs, brushing teeth, maybe I'll read a little for my herbalism class before turning out the light. Alarm is set for 5 am.

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Terry Wolverton said...

It was fun to pay attention to my day, hour by hour that way. I felt guiltier than usual when I was "wasting" time because I felt like I'd have to confess it!

It made me consider continuing this as a daily exercise, but making it more based in feelings and impressions than in "to-do's."