Thursday, July 06, 2006

feel free to leave comments in verse

Usually, the last Friday of the month is Poetry Exchange Day at work. (Hi, we’re geeks, nice to meet you.) No one remembered last Friday, and I wasn’t about to send out a reminder, as the only poem I wrote in June is still in the sucking stage. But in honor of our aborted exchange, I present my weekend in haiku.


She and her sister
have the same earlobes.
(Oh, right, watch the game.)


B’s laundry weighs more
than just a bunch of shirts and
sheets I once slept on.


Ramones and red wine
fill Hollywood Forever.
The dead rock out too.


I think of Petco
too late—thoughtful-adjacent.
But she calls it sweet.

Her mom’s conclusion:
If you won’t date boys, at least
choose a girl who’s tall.

Fireworks near and far
sprinkle light on the 5 North,

the best view in town.


Tracy Lynn said...

I love their feel
on my tongue
in my ears
winding through my head
in small jigs
like leaves dancing in wind
or birds suddenly in flight.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like words are getting kinda fresh with you. :-)

Tracy Lynn said...

Yeah, that's why we broke up.