Sunday, November 09, 2008

no more mr. nice gay

I didn’t realize what a rule-follower I was until I started hearing about all the Prop. 8 protests happening around the state. They kind of took me by surprise—you could do that? I’d been under the vague impression that when there was a contest, you should do everything you could to help your side, but when you lost…well, the other side won fair and square, right?

Except maybe there are some things, like, say, civil rights, that shouldn’t be put to majority rule. Maybe protesting is what you do when you’ve tried everything else. Maybe there is value in a community throwing a collective tantrum. Because, as AK pointed out based on an article she read, “They’re going to keep coming after us if they think they can get away with it. Next time it’ll be our adoption rights.”

And while I wasn’t down with every sentiment on every sign—I mean, look, I get that it’s irresistible to point out that farm animals gained rights on Tuesday while queer people lost them, but personally I think animal rights should be written into the constitution too (I do!)—the march was incredibly cathartic. It felt so good to see people out with their friends and spouses and dogs and kids, to yell, to get blisters on my feet for a cause other than my love of uncomfortable shoes.

Scenes from Saturday’s Sunset Junction protest:


Anonymous said...

Amen, sister. Even Hannah Montana can see the injustice of Prop 8 (that is her, isn't it?).

Seriously - I'm really glad you and AK went out to show your support for this important issue. I just cannot understand why gay marriage scares people enough to actually amend the constitution to ban it. It boggles the mind.

Claire said...

Those are some great signs! I'm really glad you both went too.

If all minority groups let the majority dictate lifestyles/rights by what they're comfortable with, women still wouldn't be able to vote (though I guess that's ironic since women are technically the majority). Anyway, you get the idea. Keep standing up for yourself and don't accept bigotry for an answer.

the last noel said...

Thanks for the Pics! I wondered what I missed.

Cheryl said...

J: Yes, that is Miss Miley Cyrus. There were a few signs about secret Mormon underwear, and I think that this was somehow related. Still a little confused, though.

C: It's crazy how we live in a Star-Bellied-Sneetches-esque time when every side claims it's the victim of discrimination. But I maintain that white guys don't get to bitch about affirmative action, and Yes-On-8ers don't get to whine about "religious persecution."

N: Apparently I missed some other great protests. It was especially cool to hear that stuff was happening in places like Lincoln Heights and Lake Forest.

Jesi said...

i had a fun time marching in San Diego. i was walking/protesting with 7999 other people. it was great!!

Jesi said...

one of the best chanted/screamed slogans of the day was:

We got to fight
for our right
to maaaarrrrrryyyy!


Cheryl said...

Catchy! I'm glad you marched!

Don Cummings said...

NICE signs, nice post, nice. I need ot get out and protest more...because my rage, though it fuels my blog entries, needs an airing...a physical one.

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you all Saturday, November 15:


Cheryl said...

DC: You'll have a chance on the 15th (see below).

B52: Ugh. I have a meeting that day. :-(