Monday, January 05, 2009

if he could see them now

Here's what had AK and I geeking out Friday night:

Who knew that white ladies in bell-bottoms were krumping waaay back in the day? "Bob Fosse was always at least 20 years ahead of his time," I said to Jamie as we were watching this video today.

"Yeah," she said, "but he probably stole those moves from a jazz club somewhere."

Dance is always references within references within references. And damn, the result looks good.


Claire said...


Also, I feel reassured for that brief window of time I was tempted to learn those moves because of this version.

Tracy Lynn said...

They actually took the choreography for the Beyonce video from that Gwen Verdon version by Fosse. Because after I read this last night I had to go find out stuff about Verdon, Fosse, their daughter, Ann Reinking, etc. I'm nerdy like that.

Peter Varvel said...

I LOVE those references! ('member the film "All That Jazz" and Paula Abdul's homage to that with the video for "Cold Hearted Snake?").
Go ON with your nerdy self, TL - Fosse's work is timeless!

I also love Fosse's work because he was not afraid to use aging dancers, the dreaded identity I have been living in for the past few years, LOL

Cheryl said...

C: As I told AK, "When I was 17, I would have devoted my whole summer to trying to learn those moves."

TL: Great people, all. Ann Reinking was responsible for getting Chicago back on Broadway, right? I loved that revival.

PV: I like Bill T. Jones for the same reason--he uses dancers with a lot of different body types too.