Thursday, April 23, 2009

excuse me, i’m off to bench press some dictionaries

As of today, my six-week post-surgery ban on strength training is up! And the ban on lifting things like boxes of magazines and buckets of cat litter, both of which I apparently have lots of occasions to lift. And I heard saunas were off limits too, although I don’t really know why and don’t use them very often anyway.

But it’s good to know I can.

I actually haven’t done any of these things (except go in a sauna in February; go figure) for three months because the rules for a pre-op hernia are pretty much the same as for post-op. And this is just a theory, but I think my totally un-diversified workout routine has been partially responsible for the recent grumpiness of my lower back.

So, in my mind, I’m about to embark on a healthy diet of yoga, weights, core training (whatever that actually involves, unless it’s Pilates, which I kind of hate), dancing and running. And why not throw in a little rock climbing? Ooh, and parkour!

In reality, I’m actually going to miss making AK lug the cat litter around and not doing sit-ups. I’ve gotten really good at not doing sit-ups.


Jesi said...

if you get a chance take a NIA class. i love it!

my local Y has classes.

Cheryl said... of the nine movement forms is jazz dance, apparently, which I'm ALL for.