Friday, April 24, 2009

two ridiculous things that i love

In case you thought my thumbs-down for 17 Again proved I was a big snob, let me take this opportunity to say: I heart Fast & Furious. Everything about it: Michelle Rodriguez (though there’s too little of her), Vin Diesel, the way the cars are both pristine and feral, the ridiculous dialogue, the ridiculous but well-paced plot, the ridiculously gratuitous three-girl make-out scenes that are part of every underground street racer party scene, and did I mention the ridiculous hotness of Michelle Rodriguez?

(Seriously, she’s practically the only celebrity out there for girls whose tastes veer tomboyish and non-blonde. She’s shouldering that burden on very nice shoulders, but it would be great if she could have a little company.)

My favorite aspect of the ridiculous plot is that a drug lord would A) hire street racers to zip drugs across the border—because there’s nothing more inconspicuous than four pimped-out hot rods driving in formation at 120 miles an hour; and B) stage a race through the middle of L.A. to decide who should get to be his aforementioned street racer mules. Another surefire way to stay under the radar of law enforcement.


Here is my favorite spam of the day. Spam is getting very queer-theory—I think sender “Kirschenbaum” (was there ever a more philosopher-y name?) makes some interesting points about how gender and racial identities (and perceptions thereof) create expectations of guilt or innocence in our society; also about how we internalize those identities and create self-fulfilling prophesies:

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You Don't Like the Other Sex, You Are the Otther Sex - Gender Identity Disorders

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Sizzle said...

Oooh! Michelle Rodriguez. Hot!

Cheryl said...

I love a girl who can rob a gasoline truck.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Sigh. I love Fast and Furiousness as well. I have no excuse tho, like Michelle Rodriguez's hotness. I'm just into bad car movies.

Although I wouldn't mind me some Vin Diesel.

Cheryl said...

No excuses necessary. F&F pride, dude.