Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a sheep in mod's clothing

Next time I blow $50 at Forever 21, remind me that there are sites like this out there. In my head, this is how I dress. So if you’ve never met me in person, picture me wearing something like this. Even though in reality I’m wearing a plain gray T-shirt and jeans that I suspect may be too hip hop for my age and personality. I mean, I like the cut and color, but the back pockets have this dark blue embroidery on them—basically the same color as the jeans, but if you look closely, you can see that they’re fakey Chinese symbols which for some reason translates to, like, Baby Phat in my mind.

ModCloth is pricier than Forever 21 (I got like six items for my $50), but it’s not outrageous (well, not on the sale page) and they apparently buy from indie designers, which seems less oppressive than your average Banana Republic shopping spree, although technically indie designers are still capable of outsourcing to 12-year-olds in Indonesia.

I found the site by clicking on an ad on Go Fug Yourself, so I feel a little bit like a sheep, but a soon-to-be well-dressed sheep. Does everyone but me already know about ModCloth?

Speaking of shopping and related ethical issues, you know who is totally not following the herd? My friends Heather and Timothy, who registered at The Trevor Project for their wedding. I love that. Preventing queer teen suicide trumps a new gravy boat any day. Does it trump teal booties lined with orange silk? The verdict is still out. I’m kidding, okay?


Aire said...

Hi Cheryl,
I'm happy to hear you recently discovered us! We love making new friends!!

Aire @ModCloth

Cheryl said...

See, I know you're my people because you Google yourselves too. Great site!

Claire said...

I dress totally awesome in my head too. Which sounds a little crazy now that I type it out. Ah well.

The art exhibition dress link caught my eye since I'm heading to an opening tomorrow. Not my color but the design does have elements in common with the geometric patterned shirt I'll probably wear.

And no, I hadn't heard of ModCloth. Much like I hadn't heard of any of the bands my friend saw at Coachella except for Sia.

Nerissa said...

Cute dress! For the record, I don't think you dress "too hip-hop" for your age at all:) Kimora would be proud to be referenced in your blog!

Cheryl said...

C: Hope you rocked the art opening in your geometric shirt!

N: I'm pretty non-hip hop, which is why I suspect the jeans may be a weird choice for me. But as long as I'm making Kimora proud, that's what counts. :-)