Monday, June 28, 2010

flights of fancy

Saturday night Christine and Jody invited AK and I and a few of our friends over for grilled tilapia and lamb chops, and a champagne toast to our sneaky Canadian nuptials. It confirmed my long-held suspicion that I have amazing friends. People have been so nice in their well-wishes that I keep thinking, Wow, if we had a real wedding we could clean up! Just kidding. Still happy with our choice. Still don’t need a juicer.

In addition to warm thoughts about the essential kindness of humanity, the night also yielded one truly revolutionary idea, or at least a truly L.A. idea: Time Share Airport Parking Spot!

I’ve spent a good chunk of the past few months of my life traveling, but I try to avoid rambling about the trials and tribulations of air travel at the risk of sounding like an uninspired standup comic. How about those $6 lattes at the airport Starbucks? (Okay, that wasn’t even funny, just a complaint.) But suddenly all of us were talking about the creative/exhausting ways we get to the airport. Light rail plus FlyAway Bus? Unreliable blue shuttle? Park-and-ride via sister’s house?

Lee-Roy said he parks at his office near LAX and hitches a ride on the Sheraton Hotel shuttle. Then he mentioned that his company leases spots for $50 a month “if you’re interested....” Seeing as how the FlyAway Bus will get you there for $7, this seemed a little steep. Unless…Time Share Airport Parking Spot!

We could all pitch in a few bucks a month and enter our travel schedules on some kind of Google calendar (Christine would love this—she’s never met an online organizational system she didn’t like).

“You guys would hate me so quickly,” said Jody, who racks up serious mileage for work. “Every time you drove by the spot, you’d be like, ‘There’s that damn beat-up Subaru again.’”

So we’re still working the kinks out of the system. But I think it could be the new Zipcar for the beer-budget jet set.

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