Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hello there. It’s been a while, no? To summarize, Tucson was good, even though I got sunburned just walking down the street. Dyke Day L.A. was good, a punk rock picnic with dykes and dogs and babies, on a hill next to the house Frank Lloyd Wright built for an eccentric, radical actress and the daughter she called Sugartop. I took a bunch of pictures, which I’m too lazy to upload, so I’ll direct you to LAist’s photo essay (my back is visible in one of the pics. See if you can see me—it’s like Where’s Cheryl? Hint: Look for a brown and orange shirt).

In between the fun stuff, my moody streak has continued. So I’m back in therapy, where Señor Freud, as AK calls him, is helping me repeat over and over that I don’t have to be flawless to deserve love. Eventually maybe my superego will believe it. Or just shut up. I can’t remember what the superego is supposed to do. All I know is that it’s been acting like a playground bully to my shredded little ego.

AK and I are going on vacation next week. That means more sparse blogging for a while, but when I do write, it’s more likely to be about the vistas and 9:30 p.m. sunsets of rural Washington than my vague angst. So I think we’ll all win.


El Changuito said...

I found you! AK totally gave you away. :D

(By the way, it's all about the id.)

Claire said...

We're bloggers. There's bound to be angst from time to time. ;)

Hope you have a lovely, fun, restorative vacation!

Cheryl said...

EC: Yeah, her big smiling face is not so subtle. My id is so quiet and timid, but I think it secretly longs to let loose. Maybe when we're in Canada.

C: Thank you! And I didn't know bloggers were known for their angst. I thought we were just chatty. I guess we chat about our angst. :-)

Peter Varvel said...

Is it easier to truly love someone else and accept that individual's flaws than it is to love ourselves?
I'm inclined to believe that most people, including you, are more of an expert on the meaning of love than I am.

Cheryl said...

In my experience, people who are hyper-critical of themselves are really critical of others too. So the more I lay off myself, the more other people will benefit. If only they'd share my therapy bill. :-)