Monday, October 27, 2008

…and he’s easy on the eyes

This is a video Jamie’s friends shot at the gObama! fundraiser party AK and I went to last month. During my three seconds of fame beginning at minute 3:04, I’m referring (in my mind) to The Second World, that book by Parag Khanna I raved about a while back. But more on that later, when Bread and Bread publishes its official voter guide (get ready to learn where I stand on bond measure 1A, everyone!).


Peter Varvel said...

Oh, yay! And AK, too, a minute earlier at 2:04 (her comments remind me of the appealing student teacher I had for chemistry - bleah! - in high school)
Rock-rock, rock the vote, y'all!

Cheryl said...

Thanks! Although I think we were all upstaged by Sarah Palin.

Cheryl said...

By the way, for those with enough patience and/or kickback bosses, AK also closes out the show at the end of the video.