Thursday, October 02, 2008

for real commentary, please turn on npr

I was slow to get on the Palin-bashing bandwagon, maybe because I was too disconnected to realize how many people were on the Palin-liking bandwagon--so the hate just seemed hateful rather than like a necessary counterattack.

Tonight's debate didn't make me feel any more or less disturbed by her, but I did spend some time thinking about how she's more of a mascot than a candidate. She's sort of wearing a big foam head in the shape of folksiness and mom-ness, and I was going to say that no party would ever trot out a male candidate like that, except George W. is mostly a big foam cowboy head.

I don't have a lot more to say about this. I'm not even bitter that America loves Disneyland and all its foam characters because I think they'll love Obama more. And no one can afford to go to Disneyland these days anyway.


Laura and the family said...

And what is more, our people are getting tired of losing so $$$ and hearing/reading that we are in deep debts.

I don't even watch the political shows because I don't have any thing more to say, either... Also, the matter is who should we trust????

Sizzle said...

I loved this line: "except George W. is mostly a big foam cowboy head"


She is like a mascot. I agree. And no, they would never use a guy like that.

Peter Varvel said...

Tragic Queendom.
Why do you think they call it the "happiest" place on earth?
Not that I'm a bitter former Cast Member or anything, not as much as I used to be . . .

Tracy Lynn said...

I think that this might possibly be the best analysis of Sarah Palin I have ever read.

Jesi said...

when i first saw palin i immediately hated her, i just wanted to punch her lights out, just by looking at her, i don't even have to hear her speak. she scares me. her eyes, she looks like a cult leader, esp. this one:

and she reminds me of those annoying cheerleaders from high school. so basically she's a cheer leading cult leader. scary, very scary!

Cheryl said...

L: I kind of trust Obama. That's naive, maybe, but on a gut level I do. And the liberal media elite. I trust them too.

S: The scary part is that she's a successful mascot. I know of a couple of hardcore democrats from the Midwest and non-continental states who are like, "I hate her politics, but she sure is charming." Really? Guess so.

PV: I also trust people who've done time inside a mouse head. Or Aladdin pants. Y'all know better than anyone.

TL: Thanks, just call name of real news analyst here.

J: I do think Palin would rock a purple shroud and Nikes.

the last noel said...

One thing I like about Palin becoming VP is this: I don't need all of the credentials to be a leading political figure in this country. I knew I can get away with in California (as Ahnold as Governator). But in the whole nation--wow America is grand!

Misty Harris said...

I agree with the commenter who said that was the best Sarah Palin analysis yet. Very well stated. To keep with the Disney analogy, I think I would find her story and her "character" endearing if only it were part of a fictional movie designed to inspire little Alaskan girls to reach for something beyond the wolf-hunting shotgun. But as a real-life character, I find Palin's folksiness more than a little irksome. "Can I call ya Joe?" Bleh.

Don Cummings said...

I like this foam headed mascot idea.
It's exactly right. One wonders...but how can Obama not win? Even the polling MATH is with us this time.

Cheryl said...

N: As Amy Poehler-as-Hillary Clinton said, she's proof that anyone can be president...aaan-eee-one.

MH: I was talking to a Canadian friend this weekend (because, like Sarah Palin, I have many diverse friends), and she confirmed that if someone like SP tried to run in Canada, she'd be laughed right off the ticket. Does this mean I'm not a patriotic maverick?

DC: Right now I want him to win if for no other reason than to prove that crazy strategies like "running a smart candidate who has good ideas" can work.